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Ana Filipa Ferreira


Ana Filipa is a PhD student in the PhD Program on Climate Change and Policies of Sustainable Development, a joint program between the University of Lisbon (UL) and the New University of Lisbon. Ana Filipa is graduated in Biology by the University of √Čvora (UE) and holds a MSc in Management and Conservation of Natural Resources, by the UE and the Instituto Superior de Agronomia (UL). Past research work includes the participation in a number of R&D projects related to freshwater and migratory fish ecology and the co-authorship of five peer-review publications.

Her PhD research topic is about policies to halt biodiversity loss in the Mediterranean-climate regions, in particular the implementation and funding of socio-ecological approaches in European protected areas. She also develops volunteer work in a local NGO, where is responsible for a project about conservation of tortoises.