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Cátia Magro


Cátia has a MSc in Environmental Engineering (2014) at FCT NOVA, with a thesis on the electrodialytic (ED) process applied to fly ash to promote their applicability in building materials, a collaboration between FCT NOVA and the Technical University of Denmark. She worked one year as research fellow (2014-2015) at NOVA FCT, applying the ED-process to sewage sludge for the remediation of emergent organic contaminants (EOC) and phosphorus recovery.

Currently, Cátia is a PhD student at FCT NOVA, at the Environment and Sustainability Programme, conducting studies on: (1) optimization of analytical detection methods, (2) electro-based technologies, (3) degradation/removal of organic & inorganic compounds, (4) sensors & nano-sensors as a tool to monitoring EOC in environmental aqueous matrices (collaboration with CEFITEC NOVA), (5) green building materials and (6) business and entrepreneurship.