Cátia Magro

Cátia has a Master in Environmental Engineer (2014) with a thesis in electrodialytic (ED) remediation of air pollution control residues and their applicability in construction materials, developed in collaboration with Technical University of Denmark (DTU). She worked one year as researcher fellow (2014-2015), applying the ED process to sewage sludge aiming on remediation of organic contaminants and phosphorus separation. Cátia is a PhD student at FCT-UNL in Environmental and Sustainability (since September 2015), conducting studies about optimization and validation of analytical methods and detection sensing of environmental aqueous matrices.

Key areas of interest: Waste management, remediation/recovery of organic/inorganic compounds, construction materials, sensors for detection of organic contaminants, optimization/validation of analytical methods.

Email: c.magro@campus.fct.unl.pt