Helena Gomes

Integrated Member: PhD

Helena is graduated in Environmental Engineering (FCT-UNL) and has a Master in Geographical Information Systems and Science (ISEGI-UNL). She worked six years in environmental consulting and GIS project management. Helena worked also as program manager and was responsible for the environmental and radiological monitoring of uranium abandoned mines in Portugal, including underground and surface water, air quality, soils, sediments and vegetables. Helena finished her PhD in Environment (FCT-UNL), studying the combined use of electrokinetics and zero valent iron nanoparticles for the remediation of contaminated soils. Her main research interests are sustainable remediation and the use of treatment trains and combined remediation technologies. Her interests encompass also the contamination spatial analysis and modeling, especially using remote sensing data and geographic information systems.
The recovery of rare metals, like beryllium (Be), cobalt (Co), tantalum (Ta) and lithium (Li), from industrial and electronic waste streams with electrokinetics is also an exciting area of research for Helena.

Email: hrg@campus.fct.unl.pt