Paulo Pereira

Collaborator: Researcher

Paulo has graduated in Environmental Engineering, he is a researcher working with Faculty of Science and Technology, New University of Lisbon Air Quality specialized group since 2004. Monitoring methods, equipment management and analysis and processing of data for air quality are the keys where areas has developed its activity.
He has participated in several studies monitoring air quality for public and private organizations, such as Brisa, CostaPolis, CCDR-LVT, CCDR-N, C.M.Lisboa, C.M.Vila Velha Ródão.
Air Quality Improvement Plan within Lisbon and the Tagus Valley Region, Monitoring and Technical Analysis of Air Quality in Vila Velha of Ródão and Preliminary assessment of the levels of As, Cd, Ni and B(a)P in Azores are some projects that he has been actively involved.