Francisco Ferreira

Integrated Member: PhD

Francisco Cardoso Ferreira is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Sciences and Environmental Engineering of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the New University of Lisbon, Portugal. He took his Master’s Degree (MSc) at Virginia Tech., USA in 1991 in the field of drinking water quality, and his Doctorate (PhD.) at the New University of Lisbon in 1998 in the field of air pollution. He has been coordinating many research projects, particularly in air quality monitoring and the application of measures for improving legislative compliance.

He is Vice-President of the National Board (and former President 1996-2001) of Quercus, a major Portuguese environmental non-governmental organization.

He is a member of the National Council of Water, and he was member of the National Council of Environment and Sustainable Development. In Quercus, he also coordinates the area of climate change and energy, supervising projects such as Ecohome and Ecofamilies.

He is co-author and presenter of both a daily morning TV show called "The Green Minute" on the national public television channel RTP1, and a radio show on Antena Um called "One Minute for the Earth".