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Making CENSE of Sustainability

Our Mission

CENSE – Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research, promotes interdisciplinary research in environmental sciences and engineering, focusing on the interaction between human and ecological systems, to promote sustainable development. The Centre is the research branch of a wider organization including researchers, students and staff from the NOVA School of Science and Technology, plus a number of affiliated organizations.

CENSE develops its activities through the promotion of research projects, outreach initiatives, training programs, collaboration with private and public organizations, dissemination of results and science-policy dialogues. CENSE’s research unfolds along five thematic areas: Ecological Economics and Environmental Management, Energy and Climate, Computation for Sustainability, Bioresources and Green Technologies, and Sustainable Water Sanitation, Wastes and Resources Recovery.

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A vibrant research environment

CENSE envisions a vibrant research environment that attracts the best students and researchers, producing knowledge that informs decisions and research that displays a unique level of originality, quality and passion. In an atmosphere of collaboration and freedom to innovate, CENSE members are exploring new pathways for building a sustainable society.

News & Events

Don't miss the next CENSE seminar, with Hélder Guimarães from the Brazilian Army!
CENSE members were involved in the organization and participated at the 4th Seminar from the FCT NOVA PhD on Environment and Sustainability, between 3-5 July 2019.
CENSE members will host at FCT NOVA the second week (15-19 July) of the "PhD CATAPULT District regeneration - decarbonising supply chains”.