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CENSE is organized according to the following governance structure:

Director: Rui Ferreira dos Santos

Management Board: composed by the director and the leaders of management processes.


Research Area Coordinators:  

Paula Antunes, Ecological Economics and Environmental Management
Júlia Seixas, Energy and Climate
Eduardo Mateus, Bioresources and Green Technologies
António Câmara, Computation for Sustainability
Margarida Ribau Teixeira, Sustainable Water Sanitation, Waste and Resources Recovery

Scientific Committee: composed by all integrated PhD members.  


External Advisory Board:

Brian Ó Gallachóir, University College Cork, Ireland.  
Joachim Spangenberg, Helmholtz Centre for Environment Research UFZ & SERI Sustainable Europe Research Institute, Germany.  
Lisbeth M. Ottosen, Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark.

Along with this governance structure, CENSE operates following a starfish model approach, where each process, research area and member, can function independently, while interacting together to form a functioning and resilient organization. CENSE regulation is available here