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Joana Monjardino


Joana Monjardino obtained an MSc (2008) and a Degree (2000) in Envir. Eng., both at Faculty of Sciences and Technology, New University of Lisbon (FCT/UNL) and is integrated in the air quality research group. 
Current research interests focus on management and control actions to assess and improve ambient air quality. 
Key areas of interest and main fields of work: 
Air quality assessment in Portugal (monitoring, statistical analysis, mapping); 
European Directives compliance analysis (eg: preliminary assessment, national strategy for air quality management); 
Production and management of online air quality information systems (eg: air quality forecast); 
Plans and Programmes to Improve Air Quality in Lisbon Region; 
Iberian Methodology to quantify natural dust events contribution on measured PM10 concentrations; 
Air quality modelling (AERMOD, TAPM, WRF/Chimere); 
Regional Air Emissions Inventories (top-down and bottom-up approaches).