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Salomé Areias


Salomé is an activist passionate about consumer behaviour. She studied fashion design and fashion sociology between Lisbon and Buenos Aires and soon realised fashion trends were not a realistic portrayal of our culture, but instead a strategy to fuel perceived obsolescence. Her ideas about fashion having slower culturally-biased trends in 2010 took her to Science of the Time, Trendwolves, and PSFK. Also teaching and speaking in several events about consumer behaviour, and working as a product manager, she lived in Ghent, Zhuhai, and Luanda.

As the founder of the Fashion Revolution Portugal in 2014, she dug deeper into Sustainability and wondered if transparency within supply chains was enough to make people act collectively towards climate justice. Recent findings on psychoanalysis and mindfulness inspired her to pursue a PhD at CENSE on how to raise consumer awareness through these practices, for which she was granted an FCT scholarship under the PhD program in Environment and Sustainability at NOVA School of Science and Technology.