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Bioresources and Green Technologies

In the Bioresources and Green Technologies research area we work on cutting-edge topics such as electrokinetics, phyto- and bioremediation and chemical ecology, aiming at the removal of heavy metals/ organic pollutants and recovery of raw materials, E-tech elements and degradation of emergent contaminants; targeting environmentally relevant signalling molecules, applicable to manage plant and animal populations, production ecosystems and the biosphere. RESOLUTION LAB is a research infrastructure, boosting specialized analytical expertise in instrumentation and methodology, integrating academic knowledge with industry needs. This infrastructure for soil-water-air-biota-food nexus research engages in analytical problem solving e.g. monitoring of organic pollutants, as PAHs and pesticides, and emergent contaminants (e.g. PPCPs) found in environmental matrices, aiming at remediation and bioremediation, biomarkers discovery, off‐flavours and volatile organic compounds analysis. Furthermore, the nature and role of molecules that mediate organismal interactions as well as Biomimicry – biologically inspired design approaches, will also continue to be pursued.