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Ecological Economics and Environmental Management

In the Ecological Economics and Environmental Management research area we contribute to advancing circular economy, eco-innovation and green procurement topics, through research in new business models, service and sharing economy, and design of closed-loop chains. Powered by CENSE, the uptake of circular economy thinking in business and policy is being enhanced by initiatives such as the eco.nomia portal and SPV circular economy initiative. Exploring natural capital and ecosystem services concepts as a language for valuation and support policy processes is another key topic. This research area also contributes to the design of new regulatory frameworks and policy instruments to create an enabling environment for the uptake of sustainability action. Complexity of social-ecological systems translates into ‘wicked problems’ increasingly calling for systems approaches linking facts and values and fostering co-creation of knowledge, policies and decision support. CENSE explores its methods development research lines focusing on a portfolio of analytical-deliberative approaches (e.g., participatory system dynamics, MCA, scenarios, mixed-method approaches).