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Societal Outreach and Technology Transfer

Organization of conferences, seminars and workshops

Since 2018, CENSE has been involved in the organization of over 130 scientific events (e.g., conferences, seminars, workshops) and its members have participated in scientific committees of ca. 50 international events. 


Patents, prototypes and other products

CENSE members have developed 20 patents, 6 mathematical models, 9 computational applications and a laboratory prototype in the past ten years.


Transfer of knowledge and technology

CENSE has always cherished the social and economic valorisation of the knowledge produced by engaging in knowledge transfer activities and encouraging the development of spin-off companies for market uptake of research outputs. CENSE has also been involved in various co-funded projects bridging the gap between research and the market (e.g., WinDeprot, SSD-Alfama, and SUSHI), as well as ideation activities such as CLIMATHON. CENSE is committed to developing targeted, industry-driven research that contributes to market advancements, through promotion of innovation hubs (e.g., HUB-IN, on transformation of historic urban areas; and EPAH).


Spin-off companies

Several spin-off companies have emerged as a result of CENSE’s activities in the past years, such as YDreams, Ynvisible, Azorean, the InventorsLasting Values, 2eco, Explora Inc., Tuga Innovations and RegenIntel.

Initiatives to support Open Science

In line with the guiding principles of Open Science, CENSE has adopted initiatives for open sharing of data and scientific results, as well as the promotion of a responsible research and innovation ethos. Examples include open access to knowledge-based platforms and models (e.g., EU Energy Poverty Indicators Database, SU Electricidade database, PRIORITEE Decision Support Tool, CEMOWAS2 Platform and Toolbox, Africa’s Coexistence Landscapes simulation models), as well as the collaboration with World Resources Institute and Google on the Emissions Scenarios Portal.