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CENSE After Lunch Talk, July 5, 13h30

"Generation and consumption of energy in Brazil: Challenges for achieving the country’s NDC under the Paris Agreement?" with André Simões.

Characterized by historical socioeconomic inequalities and high-income concentration, Brazil has been recognized for its typically renewable energy matrix and, mainly, by the issue of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. After all, in Brazil, the land use change and forestry sector accounts for almost half of the Brazilian GHG emissions, mainly due to deforestation to convert the soil into livestock and agriculture areas and due to forest fires. This talk aims to characterize and analyze the main targets correlated with Brazil’s Nationally Determined Contribution  and also focus on the opportunities and obstacles for reducing GHG emissions by the country. In such context, attention will be given to the difficulties in keeping, in relevant part, renewable the generation and consumption of energy in Brazil. At the same time, this talk seeks to show and discuss some correlated issues, such as the lack of policies for the progressive elimination of fossil fuel subsidies and some of the successful subnational climate-change energy policies carried out by states and municipalities.

The talk will also be streamed here: