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CfP Special Issue "Applied Sustainability for SDG Implementation"

Special Issue "Applied Sustainability for SDG Implementation"

Guest Editors:
Dr. Jorge Trindade (Universidade Aberta, Portugal)
Prof. Dr. Sandra Caeiro (CENSE & Universidade Aberta, Portugal)
Dr. Carla Sofia Farinha (CENSE, Portugal)
Dr. Tania Suely Azevedo Brasileiro (UFOPA, Brazil)

The aim of this Special Issue is directed to original research on applied sustainability, with specific focus on regional and local approaches that contribute to the real problem solution and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability research has a wide range of applications because of its cross-disciplinary nature and multi-type object focus. From its environmental and socio-economic traditional fields of research to holistic themes related to climate change and natural hazards, circular economy, social innovation, design for sustainability, among many others, sustainability research and practice is purposed to identify and mitigate maladjusted practices, taking as a reference the balance between several components of a complex and interactive system. This holistic perspective presents a challenge since it is not always possible to simplify the components of a system without losing analysis detail. Another challenge in sustainability research is the methodological approach needed to meet objectives across a broad spectrum of themes. From practice and action to data-driven research, from global to local and regional spatial research, from community observation to systematic document content analysis, there are a wide range of methods and techniques that appeal to researchers conducting detailed analyses and evaluations of sustainable realities and practices. Nevertheless, sustainability research must make an important contribution in the achievement and implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, The 2030 Agenda.

The topics for this Special Issue on applied sustainability research for SDG implementation at regional and local levels may include:

  • Biodiversity and natural resources sustainable management;

  • Sustainable exploitation of natural resources and the relationship with local communities;

  • Participatory processes in a community’s sustainability, including policy making and management;

  • Sustainable community resource management;

  • Climate change and sustainable resilient communities;

  • Water access, management, and pollution;

  • Natural hazards and sustainable spatial planning;

  • Sustainable waste management;

  • Sustainable cities and spatial planning policies;

  • Sustainable practices in supply food chain;

  • Sustainability communication and assessment;

  • Sustainable production and consumption;

  • Sustainability ethics of organizations;

  • Gender and minorities equity;

  • Affordable and clean energy;

  • Economic and social sustainable entrepreneurship;

  • Industrial innovation for sustainability;

  • Education for Sustainability;

  • Local sustainable touristic resource management.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31st December 2021. Get more info here