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CfP Special Issue "Circular Economy and Eco-Innovation: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead"

Special Issue "Circular Economy and Eco-Innovation: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead"

Guest Editors:

Dr. Ana de Jesus (CENSE, FCT NOVA & CCIAM, FCUL)
Prof. Dr. Minna Lammi (Centre for Consumer Society Research, University of Helsinki)
Prof. Dr. Teresa Domenech (Institute for Sustainable Resources, University College London)
Dr. Fedra Vanhuyse (Stockholm Environment Institute)
Prof. Dr. Sandro Mendonça (ISCTE-IUL)

Acknowledging the importance of more research and recognizing that the literature has only recently begun to consider the interactions at the point where sustainability, eco-innovation and circular economy agendas intersect, for this Special Issue on “Circular economy and eco-innovation: stocktaking and looking ahead”, we invite researchers from all disciplines to contribute to this discussion. The focus will be on taking stock of current research, showcasing success stories and diving into challenges for the next decade regarding policy, research and practical actions. The aim is to collect up-to-date research papers that explore these and other pro-CE innovation questions, from different disciplines and with different methodological approaches, in the realization that a “new” kind of innovation pathway is needed to navigate through the Anthropocene. Within this framework of concerns, this Special Issue will include contributions that, in particular, cover the following fields: 

  • Eco-innovation as a vehicle to deep transition;

  • Reconfiguring innovation systems toward a circular economy;

  • Circular-economy products/services innovation;

  • Innovation toward circular business models, cities and countries;

  • Participatory innovation and consumers’/user-driven innovation toward a circular economy;

  • Consumer acceptance of circular business models/ products/ services;

  • Circular innovation indicators;

  • Transformative innovation;

  • Challenge-based innovation missions;

  • Future eco-innovation pathways toward a circular economy. 

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 28th February 2021. Get more info here