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CfP Special Issue "Ecosystem Services – from Conceptual Frameworks to Policy Implementation"

Special Issue "Ecosystem Services – from Conceptual Frameworks to Policy Implementation"

Prof. Dr. Rui Ferreira dos Santos
Prof. Dr. Paula Antunes
Guest Editors

The concept of ecosystem services (ES) has gained tremendous attention in the past few years in academia and policy and business circles. Although ES have entered the policy and business discourse at all levels, and in spite of all the scientific literature published in this field, there seems to be a missing link between science and policy. In fact, the recommendations and findings of recent research efforts in this topic seem to have been ignored in many of the main documents and policy instruments applied worldwide. An example is the topic of valuation of ES: while scientific literature points to the need to adopt multiple languages to demonstrate the value of ES, policy and business circles still focus almost exclusively on monetary approaches.

This Special Issue aims to gather contributions addressing the link between science and policy in the operationalization of the ecosystem services concept. Possible topics to be addressed include the following:

  • How can we integrate ES and biodiversity science in policy formulation processes? What models, indicators, and tools should we use?

  • How can we use ES to support environmental planning and assessment processes?

  • How can we navigate the ES concept in the water–ecosystems–food nexus?

  • How can we scale up locally derived experience on policy instruments for ES and biodiversity conservation to national and transnational level policies?

  • How can we integrate diverse sources of knowledge and multiple values to improve participation in ES assessment processes?

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 October 2020. Get more info here