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Launch of the international "Green Menu tool"

Launch of the international "Green Menu tool"

The online launch of the international Green Menu tool for sustainable renovation of historic buildings was held on December 10th.

Check out the Portuguese website of the project -

Heritage and sustainable retrofitting specialists from Slovenia, Portugal and the Netherlands, supported by EIT Climate-KIC, have joined forces in a pan-European project on sustainable heritage (EIT Climate KIC PAS2020) that is helping to make complex renovation of historic residential buildings easier, more attractive and scalable. In this extensive online toolbox – up until now only available in the Netherlands - heritage house owners in Portugal and Slovenia will be able to find relevant information on how to make their homes more sustainable, including technical solutions, financial opportunities and local heritage regulations. Similarly, the visitor can access easy-to-use calculation tools and find relevant information on retrofitting opportunities. By making sustainability accessible for historic buildings, we will ensure a prosperous future for heritage all over the world.

About "The Green Menu"

The platform “The Green Menu” has been developed by De Groene Grachten in 2014 and serves as a national knowledge platform to inspire and activate homeowners to renovate their buildings in a sustainable way, with specific attention for heritage. A green menu for century-old houses, farms, windmills, churches, fortresses, and manors has proven successful in the Netherlands. With this project, the approach and platform will be expanded and adapted for the Portuguese and Slovenian context. These new platforms will be launched online on December 10th. It is the goal to expand the platform across Europe.

About the collaboration

The work of E-Zavod, Institute for Comprehensive Development Solutions (Slovenia), CENSE, FCT-NOVA University of Lisbon (Portugal) and De Groene Grachten (the Netherlands) manifests in three European locations with different contexts and needs, but the partners are united in their wish to gather the right knowledge for green retrofitting in the built environment, and heritage in particular. CENSE Team, coordinated by João Pedro Gouveia, developed the model for Portugal.

The project received funding from EIT Climate-KIC in the summer of 2020, as it was selected as one of the European extraordinary Post Covid-19 Regeneration Projects.


MSc. Suze Gehem – Founder/Director De Groene Grachten & The Green Menu

Dr. João Pedro Gouveia - Senior Researcher and PhD, Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research,  FCT-NOVA University of Lisbon

MSc. Nina Tayor – Senior Project Manager, E-Zavod - Institute for Comprehensive Development Solutions

MSc. Savitri Groag - Head of Innovation EIT Climate-KIC Benelux

MSc. Sander Oudbier, Innovation Manager EIT Climate-KIC Benelux


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