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New project @ CENSE: HUB IN


HUB IN: Hubs of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the Transformation of Historic Urban Areas

Coordinator at CENSE: João Pedro Gouveia

Hubs of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the Transformation of Historic Urban Areas HUB-IN aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Historic Urban Areas (HUA), while preserving the unique identity of the historic sites regarding their natural, cultural and social values. HUB-IN adopts the innovation and entrepreneurship as the main drivers of urban regeneration in HUAs and it´s fully aligned with the International agendas for Cultural Sustainable Development (UNESCO) and Cultural Heritage Strategy (Council Europe). HUB-IN will have two main stages. In the first stage, a network of Hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship (Hubs) will be developed in the HUAs of eight city partners and in the second stage, the resulting methods and tools will be upscaled to a global network of HUAs of follower cities. The Hubs of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Hubs) will test, demonstrate and pilot activities of co-creation and co-design in three meaningful clusters with potential for sustainable transformation of HUA: i) Cultural and creative industries, ii) New lifestyles and iii) Endogenous Natural & Social Resources. HUB-IN defines 12 specific goals, that will be achieved by the following methodology: i) Building an ecosystem of interconnected Hubs to accelerate urban regeneration in eight HUAs, ii) Creating value in pilot Hubs, piloting social innovation and accelerating sustainable entrepreneurship in HUAs, iii) Packaging, upscaling and exploiting the results and create collaborative global network of Hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship in HUA, iv) Creating the HUB-IN digital space. HUB-IN expect to contribute to reverse trends of abandonment and neglect of historic heritage in a systemic way through the creation of networks of Hubs where innovation will be the main driver. HUB-IN will also have a direct impact on the creation of new sustainable opportunities for local traditional businesses and for the development of new creative skills and jobs. 

HUB IN is a project funded by the Horizon 2020 EU Framework and will be developed until 2024.

The consortium is coordinated by Lisboa E-Nova (Portugal) and is composed by CENSE (FCT NOVA), Crowdfunding Hub (Netherlands), Cyprus Energy Agency (Cyprus), IRE Liguria (Italy), Grand Angoulême (France), E-Zavod (Slovenia), Utrecht University (Netherlands), Energy Cities, Heritage EuropeMESTNA OBCINA PTUJ (Slovenia), Genova Municipality (Italy), Connected Places Catapult (UK), Belfast Municipality (UK), Nicosia Municipality (Cyprus), ABMEE (Romania), Lisbon Municipality (Portugal) and Utrecht Municipality (Netherlands).

Stay tuned!