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Postdoctoral job opportunity @ CENSE opens an international call to hire two PhD Researchers to conduct research activities in at least one of the five research areas of CENSE – Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research.

The hiring of the PhD Researchers shall be made by means of an Unfixed Term Employment Contract entered into in accordance with the Portuguese Labour Code approved by the Law no. 7/2009 of February 12th, as amended. The contract should have a forecasted duration of 17 months and should not be extended further than the project duration. The contract is expected to begin in July, 2022.

The PhD Researchers will carry out research activities in at least one of the five scientific areas of CENSE: a) ecological economics and environmental management; b) energy and climate; c) computation for sustainability; d) bioresources and clean technologies; e) sanitation, waste and resources recovery. The main activities to be developed include:

- preparation of proposals and development of research projects to be submitted in competitive tenders financed by national and international entities;
- participation and coordination of research projects on topics aligned with CENSE's scientific strategy;
- support to CENSE researchers and doctoral students, namely by supervising or collaborating on research work taking place in the different CENSE's research areas; - publication of scientific articles and dissemination materials on the work developed at CENSE;
- participation and promotion of activities in the science-society interface conducted by CENSE;
- preparation of proposals and development of projects to provide services to public and private entities, national and international;
- participation in the R&D Unit bodies and give support to management and communication activities;
- support for teaching activities within the framework provided by applicable legislation and regulations.

Applicants to this call may be national, foreign or stateless candidates holding a PhD degree in the field of environmental sciences and engineering, sustainability sciences, and other scientific areas aligned with CENSE ́s research areas, legally valid and/or recognized in Portugal and complying with the following specific requirements:
1. To hold a PhD degree in a scientific area aligned with CENSE ́s objectives for at least one year;
2. Have a minimum of 3 publications in indexed international scientific journals in at least one of CENSE's research areas.

Applications must be submitted between June 23rd, 2022 and July 6th, 2022.

>> FIND THE FULL CALL HERE  or at the Euraxess portal