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4th Seminar of the PhD on Environment and Sustainability

CENSE member and PhD coordinator Paula Antunes organized the 4th Seminar from the FCT NOVA PhD on Environment and Sustainability, between 3-5 July 2019.

Invited speakers:
- Maria José Costa (President of Amonet - Portuguese Association of Women in Science): "Women in Science"

- Joana Lobo Antunes (IST-UL): "Talking about our research with the non experts - can we make them care?"

- Ana Malvaut (LAQV, FCT NOVA) and Inês Cosme (CENSE, FCT NOVA) gave talks about their PhD journey.

- Antje Disterheft (CENSE, FCT NOVA) facilitated the workshop "Visualizing my research project with systemic constellations - getting new insights and overcoming blockages.

CENSE PhD students that presented their work:

- Cátia Magro: "Advances in applyed electrokinetics"

- Christoph Buermann: "Cross evaluation of Ecosystem Service in respect of scientific research, social understanding and market needs for Portuguese vineyards"

- Cristina Rocha: "Design for sustainability (DfS)"

- Hinrika Dröge: "Driving sustainability through circular economy performance assessment in central public sector organizations"

- Justin Roborg-Sondergaard: "Restoring Nature to Natura 2000"

- Margarida Lopes "Evaluation of the impact of the Lisbon airport on the ultrafine particles concentration in the surrounding urban area"

- Mariana Perera: "Assessing technologies in a degrowth scenario"

- Natacha Klein: "Integration of Circular Economy in central public sector organizations: Examination of practices, drivers and barriers"

- Rosa Coelho: "Indicators of water resources planning and strategic environmental assessment processes"

- Selma Djelid: "Temporal dynamics of the floristic diversity of a proposed hot spot, Djebel Antar, in the SW of Algeria"

- Thomas Lei: "Air quality in Macao – From assessment to measures and forecast"

- Vanda Lopes: "Electro-assisted extraction of critical raw materials from secondary resources"


CENSE members that were involved in the event:

Antje DisterheftAntónio Câmara, Francisco Ferreira, João Joanaz de MeloJúlia SeixasMaria Rosa Paiva, Mahsa Mapar, Michiel Daam, Nuno Videira, Rui F. Santos and Teresa Calvão.